Located in the Heart of Southern California:

606 West Collins Avenue, Orange, Ca   92867
Phone:  714-744-3316

Family Owned & Operated by
 Experienced Dog Professionals:
Ken & Tracy Lynn Carroll
Providing the Ultimate in Care & Training Since 1986

We welcome you to schedule a visit with us before deciding if we are the right fit for you and your dog.  Because it can be stressful for the dogs already in our care to have guests coming through our facility, we offer tours by appointment only.  We ask that you not bring your dog with you until they have completed all requirements for entry as listed below.  


All-Amenity Boarding: 

Our rates are all-inclusive and there are no extra charges for the amenities that your dog will receive while he stays with us.  Everything that he needs during his stay is included along with a huge helping of TLC.  The dogs are out frequently during the day in one of our four play areas to potty, play, or just lay in the sunshine. If your dog likes the company of other dogs, he may have a playmate while visiting. If he'd rather keep to himself and chew on a Kong or bone, then that's what he will get to do. We individualize every dog's experience while here at the Top Dog Inn. We understand that some dogs love company and some really don't make friends easily.  We always supply toys, bedding, food, love and plenty of attention for your dog during his stay. We feed Eukanuba  dog food, but if you would rather keep your dog on his regular food or if he's on a special diet, no problem, just bring it with him. If he's on medications be sure to bring us detailed instructions and we will be happy to administer his meds.  Please clearly mark all belongings that you want to be kept with and returned with your dog.

While our facility has plenty of fresh-air and California sunshine year-round, all dogs will also enjoy heated, dry quarters during our upcoming  El Nino and air-conditioned comfort on those all too frequent scorching hot days.  

Our All Amenity Boarding rate is $35.00 per day, per dog, and our  boarding "day" consists of a full twenty-four hours.  This allows you the flexibility of being able to drop-off and pick-up anytime that works for you (during our normal business hours).  We appreciate if you can give us estimated times of your expected drop-off and pick-up so that the limited parking at our facility runs smoothly.  For any time that your dog stays with us over the initial  24-hour day(s) there will be a $2.50 charge per hour, or portion thereof, up to a maximum of the cost of Daily PlayCare ($25 per dog).  
Daily PlayCare:

 PlayCare services are available 6-days a week during our regular business hours.  They include all the amenities of overnight boarding at a rate of $25 per visit.  A group of 5 days may be purchased in advance for $115, and 10 days may be purchased for $220.

Multiple Dog Discounts are available.


Additional Services:

 In addition to boarding, we offer companion dog training and professional grooming on a limited basis. Our training incorporates only humane methods which are based on the latest scientific principles of learning. Please inquire as to availability.  

We Accept Payment by Cash, Check, Credit or Debit Card

REGISTRATION & REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTRY:    Before any dog visits our facility for Any Reason 

  • Your dog must have never been aggressive towards dogs or people
  • You must complete and sign all registration paperwork (available for viewing & printing below).
  • Your dog must be healthy, flea/tick free and be current with a flea/tick prevention method. 
  • You must provide current vaccination verification from your Vet for Rabies, DHP+Parvo and Bordetella (We will accept titers for all vaccines except Rabies)
  • You must provide results from a clear fecal test (Ova/Parasite and Giardia Elisa) dated within 30 days of your first visit to our facility. We will not accept a Fecal Flotation test or Ova/Parasite test without the Giardia Elisa.  With Giardia being very common we are doing our best to prevent it from being introduced into our small facility.  Once you are established with us, we require annual retesting of your dog.



I know what a nuisance paperwork can be, but these forms really help us to get a jump start on knowing your dog, and the medical forms are necessary for the County of Orange Animal Services, to assure everyone’s good health, and in the event of an emergency. Our goal is to be a comfortable and safe place for your dog and convenient for you. Please feel free to call anytime with questions, comments or concerns. In the event that we are busy with the dogs, please leave us a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.


Thank You So Much... We Look Forward To Working With You and Your Dog Cool

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